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How to extract every single drum sound from reason and use it in fl studio.

2008-02-23 18:36:41 by SolidElectro

In this tutorial i will teach you how to extract every single drum sound from reason and use it in fl (or your DAW of choice.)

What you will need in order to be able to complete this tutorial:
*Reason installed and working.
*A bittorent client, i recommend utorrent

After having installed utorrent and reason, go to:
mininova and download the torrent.

Go to the folder you saved it in, there should be a .exe file. Transfer it to C:\%program files%\Propellerheads\Reason\

Open it up, after that you will see a window with a file browser. Browse to C:\%program files%\Propellerheads\Reason\ and open the reason factory sound bank.

Before doing the next step make sure that you have a folder to save samples in.. Mine is D:\dokumenter\Sound_Bank\

After that browse to Redrum patches and right click on the "exclusive drums" folder, and press "extract" in the dropdown menu. Then choose to extract it to your sample folder of choice. This might take some time, so be patient!

After doing this open up FL studio, drag your sample folder into Fl's file browser, and you are done!!!

No need to rewire if its just reasons redrum you are after :D

Tip 1: Reason also provides some .wav samples that are originally used by its NNXT and NN19 samplers, you will find them inside their respective folders inside the sound bank.

Tip 2: You can only extract .wav's or .aiff's don't try to extract anything else, it simply wont work, trust me..

Happy sampling! :D


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2008-03-07 20:12:16

not to self, make darnell MAC8 sub.


2008-12-25 22:56:53

i prefer to keep reasons drum samples to reason.


2010-06-17 01:43:56

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2012-08-13 11:12:39

@ Solidelectro-

What did u use to open the Reason factory soundbank?