The continue the song game

2008-01-31 16:11:52 by SolidElectro

Ok this game needs a lot of contributers to work, so i hope you will find it interesting! The rules are simple, the first person creates the beginning of a song (should last 15 secs.) Then he uploads it to some website, and then the next person downloads it and ads additional 15 seconds to it!

Also note that you just add a part, we can do the final mix later..

Please keep the track in sync!!! Tempo=140BPM

List of contributers:
0:00-0:15 - Solid Electro - .wav
0:15-0:30 - Claxor Direct link!
0:30-0:45 - G9 touched this project too!
0:45-1:00 - Writersblock smashed his piano with a hammer a few times too!
1:00-1:15 - SolusLunes "And there's no space in SolusLunes."
1:15-1:30 - Rig Apperently had a bigger hammer than writersblock
1:30-1:45 - Father-Of-Death also know as the part dedicated to the crazy people!
1:45-2:00 - Karco Thought that this would be funny
2:00-2:15 - SBB "Asdf"
2:15-2:30 - 2nd-Edition not just any edition 9th edition!
2:30-2:45 - Envy
2:45-3:00 - Swirly

(In case you didn't know, this topic is regarding this kickass post!)

Loogiesquared are temporary banned from the contest, and all new contests held by me until he learns to play a keyboard and gets a better program than MAGIX! (Might be Ableton)


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2008-01-31 16:15:31

Hey how about you submit the song as a loop to NG to get the ball rolling.

(Updated ) SolidElectro responds:

I think we should spare newgrounds for that, and submit it when its done..
But thats just me


2008-01-31 18:30:55

sounds like a cool prodject I'd be up for doing a scratch roteine for it.

SolidElectro responds:

Let's first see if it evolves to somehting good, but i'll definately keep that in mind!


2008-01-31 18:41:45

Hey, the link isn't working for me. May I suggest that you use to upload stuff? It's simple, free, you don't need to register, and there's no waiting time.

SolidElectro responds:

Its outta my hands now, but i'll pm claxor and tell him to upload his track there ;P


2008-02-01 21:28:12

Pt 4 done, by me, not Rig.
Classical Dance ftw!

SolidElectro responds:

Yeah classical dance forever! Angry Faic likeh >:(


2008-02-02 14:46:33

Totally raped the shit out of it.

And there's no space in SolusLunes. :D

SolidElectro responds:

You're completely right there, and btw there is a space in Solid Electro!


2008-02-02 18:23:40

I WANNA BE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SolidElectro responds:

You're in, but wait for Rig to finish his part!


2008-02-02 22:41:46

OMG Rig = Win.
<3 his sexay bass.
This is growing into something totally awesome.

SolidElectro responds:

Yeah i know, awesome music by awesome people! ^^


2008-02-03 13:30:02

So why do I get an "asdf"?

SolidElectro responds:

It was your own fault.. You wrote a reply in the continue the song thread with only 4 letters ASDF linking to your updated submission.. I just quoted you ;P As i did with Solus.


2008-02-03 14:29:16

hay guys~!

SolidElectro responds:

Don't say that, it reminds me about some fat kid with a jetpack..


2008-02-03 14:34:06

Just like to drop a line and say this was a great idea.

SolidElectro responds:



2008-02-03 14:57:16

it IS from FatKidWithAJetPack!

SolidElectro responds:

Yeah.. Not cool dude, not cool!


2008-02-03 16:10:44

i'll need someone to help my retarted program...

SolidElectro responds:

I don't use it, so can't really help you.


2008-02-03 16:53:13

Hey, now! I never said I thought that my part would be funny! I was just trying to sandwich Father-of-Death's "crazy people" part in between two epic ones. XD

SolidElectro responds:

It wasn't i just didn't know what else to comment yours with 8)


2008-02-04 20:18:31

2:45, and it still sounds damn good. Some weird stuff in here, but it's good to see that all up to Envy so far don't sound like crap.Maybe the next one could be 30 seconds per part with less parts, so each contributor could get more happening.